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Лого на Европейската комисия
Supply Agency of the European Atomic Energy Community

Since its inception, ESA’s main task has been to ensure regular and equal access to supplies of nuclear materials for all users in the Community. To this end, it uses its right of option on nuclear materials produced in the Community Member States and its exclusive right to conclude contracts for supply of nuclear materials, coming from inside or outside the Community and it monitors transactions related to services in the nuclear fuel cycle.

The Supply Agency’s activities encompass:

  • concluding nuclear materials and fuel supply contracts, pursuant to Article 52 of the Euratom Treaty;
  • acknowledging notifications of contracts for small quantities of nuclear materials, pursuant to Article 74 of the Euratom Treaty;
  • acknowledging notifications of transactions related to the provision of services in the nuclear fuel cycle, pursuant to Article 75 of the Euratom Treaty.

Nuclear materials coming from inside the Community may be exported only with the authorisation of the Commission.