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Supply Agency of the European Atomic Energy Community

In the interest of its Treaty missions, the Supply Agency’s statutes entrust it with a market observatory role. In particular, ESA has a duty to monitor the market in order to identify trends likely to affect the Union’s security of supply of nuclear materials and services. ESA has to provide the Community with expertise, information and advice on any subject connected with the operation of the nuclear market.

In line with these obligations, ESA’s Nuclear Fuel Market Observatory issues market reports and analyses, publishes price indices and cooperates with other international market analysis organisations. 

ESA’s Annual Report continues to be its main reporting tool.

Each year, ESA conducts a survey among EU nuclear power operators. The survey provides detailed analysis of the supply and demand for natural uranium, conversion and enrichment services in the EU.

It also issues four quarterly uranium market reports, which reflect global and specific Euratom developments on the nuclear market.