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Supply Agency of the European Atomic Energy Community


ESA postal address for normal correspondence & registered letters

    European Commission
    EURATOM SUPPLY AGENCY (optional: -  Mr./Ms. XXXX)
    Euroforum Building
    L - 2920 Luxembourg

ESA postal address for express delivery companies or messengers

    European Commission
    Euratom Supply Agency (optional: -  Mr./Ms. XXXX)
    Drosbach Building - To the attention of “TRI CENTRAL” (Phone: + 352 4301 30012)
    12, rue Guillaume Kroll
    L-1882 Luxembourg 

Office address

    Complexe Euroforum
    1, rue Henri Schnadt
    L - 2530 Luxembourg

Telephone  (+352) 4301-36338; (+352) 4301-35190


  • ESA Central Mailbox service

  • For non-confidential/non-classified electronic correspondence/documents concerning nuclear supply contracts or notifications

  • For the European Observatory on the supply of medical radioisotopes


For other Euratom services

Do not send to the Euratom Supply Agency correspondence relating to Euratom matters other than nuclear fuel and services. For the appropriate addressee, see the respective departments of the European Commission:

  • Euratom coordination, legal affairs and international relations
    Nuclear energy, safety, waste and decommissioning, radiological protection, SAMIRA,

    ENER.D Nuclear energy, safety and ITER




For general questions on Community policies and activities, you may contact the Commission's call centre, EUROPE DIRECT: an information service for citizens and businesses which answers your questions subjects related to the EU: