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Supply Agency of the European Atomic Energy Community

Mission and Objectives

In line with the Euratom Treaty and its own Statutes, the mission of the Supply Agency of the European Atomic Energy Community (‘ESA’) is to maintain regular and equitable supply of nuclear materials (ores, source material and special fissile material) for all users in the Community.

ESA’s strategic objective is the security of supply of nuclear materials, particularly nuclear fuel, for power and non-power uses, by means of the common supply policy.

Specific objectives

In line with ESA’s strategic objective, the following specific medium-term objectives have been defined:

Specific policy objectives

  1. ensure continuous supply of nuclear materials for users in the Community in the short and medium term;
  2. facilitate the future supply and encourage the diversification and emergence of reliable alternative sources of nuclear fuel supply, services and design;
  3. facilitate the continued and equitable supply of medical radioisotopes;
  4. provide the Community with expertise, information and advice on the nuclear materials and services market;

Specific supporting objectives

  1. pursue contacts with EU and international authorities, international organisations, utilities, industry and nuclear organisations to further the objectives of ESA;
  2. further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of ESA’s organisation and operations.

This work programme sets out the main activities to be pursued in 2022.

The strategic priority, general and specific objectives, and activities have been linked to ensure that all actions contribute to the achievement of these objectives and to the achievement of the high-level priorities. It takes due account of the priorities, policies and objectives set out by the Commission.

Areas of activity